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Label: Bonzai Classics
Release Date: 30.09.2019

In conjunction with the release of my albums Believe, which, along with I Want To Believe, Trilogique and Touareg, have been remastered and packaged in Deluxe Editions with new material added, I am delighted to present a series of short videos with an aim to give you a look behind the scenes. I’ll reveal the creative processes, my inspirations and the gear I used among other things. I think you’ll agree that there is still a strong passion for music inside me and I hope you enjoy this unique insight.

Believe was my first album and, thanks to you, it became hugely popular. I had already released several singles which found their place in the trance and progressive trance scenes. It was an exciting time for me, young and full of ambition. The final product was and still is a very proud moment for me and in this video, I’ll give you an insight into the creative process, my inspiration and I will reveal my favourite track from the album among other things. Believe is now ready and waiting, repackaged in a Remastered Deluxe Edition complete with bonus material we just had to include, for you. Enjoy.

Save me is one of my most emblematic tracks. Written in 2000 on the back of the innerspace/lightspeed double smasher, it’s probably the one that got me to play a lot in the UK the year that followed. Championed by long time fan Armin van Buuren who selected it as his favorite record in dj mag’s top 100 ranking interview in 2001, and played to death by judge Jules, alongside with many other dj’s from the UK. The kind of track you make in a couple hours and spend 15 years after understanding it. Proud to count this one in my discography.

Pre-order your copy of the remastered deluxe edition of my first album Believe:


  1. I Want To Believe (Remastered Dolphin Mix) 06:56
  2. Musings Of A Lifetime (Remastered Album Mix) 05:29
  3. Save Me (Remastered Album Mix) 06:17
  4. Another Dimension (Remastered Album Mix) 04:08
  5. Devotion (Remastered Album Mix) 05:51
  6. Above The Sky (Remastered Remix) 06:16
  7. Alone In The Dark (Remastered Album Mix) 06:07
  8. Innerspace (Remastered Album Mix) 07:03
  9. Ladyblue (Remastered Album Mix) 04:30
  10. When Things Go Wrong (Remastered Album Mix) .. 06:58
  11. Sunspot (Remastered DCML Remix) 06:32
  12. Trust No 1 (Remastered Album Mix) 10:29
  13. Venus Of My Dreams (Remastered Original Mix) 09:59
  14. Mysteries Of Life (Remastered Original Mix) 09:53
  15. When Things Go Wrong (Remastered Original Mix) 06:58
  16. Theft Of The Spirit (Remastered Original Mix) 07:45
  17. Alone In The Dark (Dark Matter Remix) 08:41
  18. Venus Of My Dreams (Narel’s Remake) 09:47

14.12.2019 Grotesque Indoor Festival – 10th Anniversary, Rotterdam (NL) 29 Days 7 Hours 33 Minutes 25 Seconds
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