Release date: 21 June 2019 Artist: Armin and Beno – Gaia!

The prayers of Trance fans …

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GAIA’s long-awaited artist album ‘Moons Of Jupiter’ is ready to take over your mind, body and soul.

The Dutch duo, comprised of Armin van Buuren and Benno De Goeij, strikes down with a fleet of 21 exquisite tracks that radiate a sense of mystery, darkness and awe. ‘Moons Of Jupiter’ is so admirably euphoric, all you can do is sit back, close your eyes and lose yourself to the entrancing sounds.

Ranging from ambient to melodic techno and stunning progressive, without losing its feel for Trance, the album takes you on a thrilling ride into the new deep, dark sound of GAIA.

“We felt the need to explore the boundaries of our imagination and create a little monument for our heroes, guys that inspired to make us this music that we do. And we did exactly the opposite of how we would normally work. Only one soft sync was used in the entire album, lots of hardware, no collaborations, no guest vocalists, not even a single snare roll fill on the entire album, no noise sweeps and no reverse crashes. We created loops that represent for us the satellites orbiting this gigantic planet. Let me take you on a journey to the Moons Of Jupiter,” Armin van Buuren said on this week’s episode of his much-loved radio show, A State Of Trance.

GAIA is the moniker that Armin van Buuren has been using since the first ‘4 Elements’ release, almost two decades ago. Reviving it in 2009 with Benno De Goeij, the rapturing ‘Tuvan’ was one of the many peaks of the duo, along with other highlights such as ‘Status Excessu D’, ‘J’ai Envie De Toi’, ‘Empire Of Hearts’ and ‘Inyathi’.

After all these years, the duo still don’t lack inspiration. Their latest endeavour proves that there’s absolutely no style Armin van Buuren and Benno De Goeij can’t handle.

There’s something incredibly contagious about this new album, warping at you with its astounding atmospheres and maze of diversity in melody, taking you in completely.

We’ve really stepped out of our comfort zone, exploring both minimalistic as well as complex sounds, creating track arrangements live on stage rather than in the studio. We even created our own hardware, giving us all the freedom to take people on the journey to the Moons Of Jupiter,” Benno de Goeij said in a press statement.

‘Moons Of Jupiter’ is a masterpiece and you’re about to experience it all in full.

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Track album sheet:

  1. Themisto
  2. Lysithea (Sine Square Noise)
  3. Ganymede
  4. Metis
  5. Amalthea
  6. Thebe
  7. Himalia
  8. Euporie
  9. Europa
  10. Dia (Computer Electronic)
  11. Elara
  12. Adrastea
  13. Valetudo
  14. Leda
  15. Callisto
  16. Carpo
  17. Io
  18. Jupiter Lx (S / 2003j3)
  19. (Lost) (S / 2003j12)
  20. Jupiter Lxv (S / 2017j4)
  21. Jupiter Lxxi (S / 2018j1)

Preview three tracks from GAIA’s ‘Moons Of Jupiter’ album below.

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