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Gareth Emery – The Lasers

Gareth Emery Releases ‘The Lasers’ Album

Label: Create Music Group
Release Date: 17.07.2020

British Trance heavyweight Gareth Emery is back to being an independent artist since Friday, after being signed to a label for the past 5 years. Being an independent artist means, that he can now release the music he wants under his own terms, as he already announced a new album back in November.

Together with this, he has now confirmed that he’s working on a new album, titled ‘The Lasers’, which is to be released on July 10th, which will be his 4th studio album. While nearly the whole world is currently on lockdown to prevent further spreading of the Coronavirus, DJs and producers are spending a lot of time at home, working on new music or live-streaming sets from the comfort of their living room. As a result of this, we are very likely to see a whole lot of music coming up in the future.

‘The Lasers’ is a 10 track album, of which the first track ‘We’ll be OK’ is already available on major platforms. It appears that he’s also planning to release multiple music videos, as he’s currently calling for LA videographers to provide demo reels for a new project.

You can pre-save/order the new album by Gareth Emery via this link and already check out the first single of the album.


01. prologue (Original Mix) …………………. 00:31
02. welcome to your life (Original Mix) ………. 04:10
03. i saw your face (Original Mix) …………… 03:58
04. st mary’s (Original Mix) ………………… 03:47
05. little celebrity (Original Mix) ………….. 02:53
06. gunshots (Original Mix) …………………. 03:01
07. you’ll be ok (Original Mix) ……………… 03:30
08. end of days (Original Mix) ………………. 03:25
09. way to you (Original Mix) ……………….. 02:44
10. elise (Original Mix) ……………………. 03:55


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My new album. Usually, on a big day like this, I'd say something super positive but I don't fucking feel that way right now so I'm just going to be honest instead. The world feels proper fucked and working in the entertainment industry is brutal. With income slashed to zero for the foreseeable future, I've already had to let staff go, and that's heartbreaking. Over the coming months, I will almost certainly see friends and colleagues lose their homes. It's a terrible time, without even thinking about the virus itself. But, there is one small positive I can take. Almost every song on this album was forged by tough times in the past. I'd never written lyrics about my own life before, but on this album, every song is about a time in my life. There's a song about being on a plane which I thought was going to crash, and the letter I wrote to my wife when I thought we were going down (You'll Be OK). There's a song about my youngest daughter being rushed into hospital when I was 6,000 miles away. There are songs about breakups, both business and personal. It's raw and it’s real. Every one of these times was as hard as now, and I not only got through them, but wrote the best music of my life in the aftermath. And that gives me hope. Hope that I’ll get through this and write great music about it too. Hope that it'll help those of you who need it, too. Please pre-save the album. Not just because the music is the best I've ever written, and not just because the tour is going to be the best laser show you've ever seen, but because, right now, I really fucking need you guys like never before. And let me know in the post below so I can follow every one of you who does it as a thank you for having my back when I needed you most. We'll Be OK. The Lasers July 10th, 2020

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