Label: Rnm Bundles 
Release Date: 14.06.2019 

We’ve been huge supporters of Hazem Beltagui right from the start and long before other labels, DJs and A&Rs discovered what we already knew! Starting as early as 2011 when we released his remix of the hit Ana Criado single “Can’t Hold Back The Rain” followed by a string of beautiful releases & remixes that became some of the highlights of his work throughout the years.

To celebrate this incredible artist and our history together, we’ve put together a selection of our collaborations with his unique blend of mellow and melodic progressive sounds or as the master himself calls it: Melo-Trance!


13 Hazem Beltagui & Sarah Lynn – Water Runs Dry (Melo Mix) [06:15] 
14 Hazem Beltagui & Sue Mclaren – Learn To Forgive [07:08] 
15 Ellie Lawson – A Hundred Ways (Hazem Beltagui Remix) [07:45] 
16 Ana Criado – Cant Hold Back The Rain (Hazem Beltagui Remix) [07:52] 
17 Rafaлl Frost & Jennifer Rene – Higher (Hazem Beltagui Remix) [07:38] 
18 Carol Lee – Edge Of A Broken Heart (Hazem Beltagui Remix) [07:37] 
19 Hazem Beltagui & Susana – Silent For So Long [08:00] 
20 Hazem Beltagui & Shannon Hurley – An Open Heart [07:01] 
21 Hazem Beltagui & Sarah Russell – When Our Story Has To End [06:55] 
22 Hazem Beltagui & Julie Scott – When Nothings True [08:07] 
23 Hazem Beltagui & Denise Rivera – Held & Heard [07:00] 
24 Zack Shaar – Showdown (Hazem Beltagui Remix) [06:30]

Enjoy and PLAY LOUD!



14.12.2019 Grotesque Indoor Festival – 10th Anniversary, Rotterdam (NL) 4 Days 4 Hours 21 Minutes 2 Seconds
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