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Sied van Riel – Rush (Miss Monique Remix)

PRESS RELEASE [single]: Sied van Riel 'Rush (Miss Monique Remix)' is out now on Black Hole Recordings!

Label: Black Hole Recordings
Release Date: 08.04.2022

There were tracks that came before it, but it was ‘Rush’ that truly broke the man out of Rotterdam and in 2008, sent Sied van Riel global. An influentially formative part of her own electronic music history, 2022 sees Ukrainian DJing/studio sensation Miss Monique return to ‘Rush’ and sink her remixing teeth into one of Sied van Riel’s finest hours.

Take a listen to Sied van Riel – Rush (Miss Monique Remix) here:

It’ll come as little surprise to learn that in Miss Monique’s retelling, ‘Rush’ hasn’t lost an ounce of its trademark urgency. The track was all about coiling, slowly boiling tension – finally giving way to a mighty pressure release. It’s a production mechanic that she has managed to port & amplify on her mix, and to even stronger kinetic effect.

Low-end bass & boom, masterfully taut, tense synth stabs and clock-tick percussion are made all the more powerful by the subbily cavernous reverb that shadows her mix. Mid-tempo drum thump, deep, sepulchrally somber organ notes and ethereal background FX are sewn into a floor-gripper that doesn’t fully unleash until its fiendishly effective final act.

After almost fifteen years, ‘Rush’ is back… and it’s never been more of one…
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01: Sied van Riel – ‘Rush’ (Miss Monique Remix)

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