We are an international group of promoters and social networker’s who work with DJs, Labels, Artists, Producers and Event organisers.

Trance, Uplifting, PsyTrance, TechTrance, ProgressiveTrance, MelodicTrance, EpicTrance, VocalTrance

We are fans of Trance and Electronic Dance Music genres from all over the World. Come join us to share and listen to great Trance music!
Uniting people from all corners of the world to Connect them with Current Events In The TranceFamilyGlobal Official

Our goals & targets are:
1-Connect the Trance Music Musicians all over the world.
2-Connect the Trance Music Fans all over the world.
3-Supporting the musicians by posting the latest tracks and news.
4-Accept tracks and sets from the new talented musicians and post them in the page.
5-Posting Trance Music shows and radio updates.

General requests:
J. Marx

About my:
Statement: Our mission is to bring together trance music fans in the all corner of world to build a community not only for the trance music, but a strong foundation uniting all trance fans along in the whol world .
We will provide fans with the latest releases from local and global trance artists, up to date information regarding events, and global news within the trance music industry. We are also committed to uniting all TranceFamily’s around the world to join the ultimate cause of spreading the awareness of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) to the rest of humanity.

TranceFamilyGlobal stands for peace, love, unity, respect, and the universal passion for trance music.
I do not know when I am going to listen to music, but I have to listen to music for a long time without much knowledge of the DJs / Producers except for the big ones like Tiesto, ATB, & Paul van Dyk. I used to tune into Digitally Imported radio once in a while when I’m studying or doing homework.

I did not know who was Armin van Buuren until I saw him at Trance Energy in February 2007. That was my first “Trance Event”. After that night, listening to music and the DJs turned into a passion of mine. The meaning of clubs changed after I discovered the trance of Amsterdam & Utrecht and the passionate fans of trance music that follow the DJs, & listen to trance like a religion.
I can not survive without music. Trance; each genre plays a different role in my life. I love outdoor activities such as Biking, Running, Hiking; and I always listen to music while on my outdoor activities. I needed some uplifting music to keep me pumped during my outdoor adventures. Trance was the answer for my need for energetic & uplifting music. There is so much energy embedded in trance tracks, and trance music has the power to hit the deepest spots of you subconscious. No other genre evokes so much emotion & passion from within.